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Image by: MC Photography

Some dogs need a little extra love to become the best companion they can be!

It's Worth It!

If you need help working with your Rescue Rover please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Your pup’s foster parents probably have lots of great advice for you. In addition, we have trainers that are willing to give professional tips. We want you and your new family member to be happy together.

Our Commitment

Rescue Rovers makes a lifelong commitment to the dogs we pull from shelters. Once they are ours they will NEVER be unwanted or unloved again. It is in that spirit that we offer a condition-free return. We will always and for any reason take our dogs back. The downside of this offer, of course, is that we make it very easy for people to give up on the dogs they adopt. In a perfect world everyone would put in the effort that the following adopters did. These 3 adopters persevered and were rewarded with an even stronger, more loving relationship with their Rescue Rover. We hope these stories (written by the adopters) will inspire you to give just a little bit more if or when your pup needs it.


"I was tired of the drama this dog was bringing into our lives and wanted to be done with it. It had been a long week and I was over it. So I contacted her foster mom. She was willing to take Sophie back. I thought about it and I decided to give it a little more time. Several months later and we are happy as can be with our Sophie. She still has puppy behaviors that we are working on, but we are so grateful we stuck with it."

Read Sophie's full story here.

Kuzco and Roo

"I saw so much of myself in Kuzco, and I was determined to help him overcome his past and become the healthy, vibrant dog I knew he could be. Don’t give up on them after two days or two weeks or two months. You are missing life lessons that no one else in the world can teach you. Commit to them. Commit to yourself." 

Read Kuzco's full story here.

Molly and Abby

"My humans adopted me from Rescue Rovers and named me Molly. This is my sixth home and I wasn’t even 2 years old. I frustrated my humans by going potty in the house and chewing up all of Abby’s toys, my human’s shoes, blankets, watches, purses, all the typical things. I know my dad was ready within a week to haul me back to Rescue Rovers. A year later and I’m told I’m good girl all the time! We did have our struggles, but now I finally know what love is and I can’t get enough of it!"

Read Molly's full story here.

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